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All of your photos have been uploaded and the slideshow is now finished!

The slideshow is a great way to view a bigger sized image so you can see the detail in the photo. The slideshow is open, and ready to view. It will be complete when the last photo has been uploaded.

After you view your photos please let me know if you need me to make any changes on the poses you are interested in. Making a comment under each picture is the best way for me to get the changes or information you would like for me to know. After you make the comment I get an automatic e-mail and will have the information saved. If you need me to delete any comment or photo I can do so after I receive the e-mail.

All special effects (black and white, sepia, grunge etc.) and the special editing (blemish correcting, skin softening, lighting or darkening etc) have been included with the session price. I would be happy to fix anything! I will upload the "new" version for you to view before you purchase.

Feel free to share the link to your album on facebook, Twitter etc. If your account reaches over 100 visitors you will receive an 8x10 of any picture! If you would like for me to upload some of the pictures to my facebook accounts and tag you in them please let me know.

I have edited some of the photos to be Black and White. If there are any other images you would like to have in Black and White please let me know and I will gladly change it for you.

I really enjoyed our session! This is an exciting year for you to remember! Thank you for asking me to capture this very special year for you.

Refer a friend, get a free 8x10!

If you have any questions, please call my cell phone (806)685-4304 or email me...